Work by Other Artists

    Timber :  Budgeroo and Flame She Oak

Please enquire at the Contact page regarding the pieces displayed.

The following is a selection of works completed by other artists using timber from The Stiks

This exquisite hand made wood plane by Peter Webb features Flame She Oak from The Stiks.  On completion, this plane was purchased by a very enthusastic collector  from the USA.

Kevin Slattery of Calwell ACT makes these beautiful knives from his foundary. 
The one on the left is fabricated using san mai Damascus steel. That is two layers of Damascus sandwiching a layer of carbon steel. This process results in the artistic figure in the steel It has a brass guard  and green card spacers. The handle is made from Flame She Oak. The knife on the right shows a handle shaped from Budgeroo.

John Luffits of Brisbane supplies tampers to coffee houses and cafes who serve expresso coffee.  The steel tampers are mounted with Flame She Oak handles.

Peter Barrett of Beerwah in Queensland made this truncheon from Budgeroo.


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